Generate Much Needed Funds!  Made Easy with Green Fundraising.

By partnering with World Wear Project, your organization can raise money for the apparel it collects through clothing drives, door-to-door collections in your neighborhoods, or by utilizing collection bins we provide.  We pick up all the clothing and shoes collected and send you a check.

Fundraising Opportunities

There are several ways to raise money in partnership with World Wear Project.


  • One way is to organize a shoes and clothing drive within your organization.  Contact us regarding the dates of your drive.  On the appointed day, once you've collected the gently used shoes, clothing and other items we accept in plastic bags, we will send out a truck to pick up everything your organization has collected.  We pay for every pound of shoes, clothing and other items collected.


  • The second way to raise funds for your organization is by hosting a large steel bin and/or the smaller shoe collection bin on a long term basis.  The bins are decorated with your artwork and advertise the mission of your organization.  World Wear Project provides the bin free to you, and we maintain the look and integrity of the bin.


  • Finally, we also have our Shoe Box Program, and Cowboy Boots Box Program.  We provide you boxes to collect gently worn, wearable shoes.  When your boxes are full of more than 60 lbs. of shoes we will arrange for pick-up of the box(es) at no cost to you.  Once received, we send you a check for the shoes collected.


We run regular routes to check on the bins and collect the contents.  This allows your organization to collect between 300 and 1,000 pounds of shoes and clothing at a time in the steel bin, or 70 pounds of athletic shoes at a time in the shoe bin.

We have a toll free, 24-hour number which will be answered in case there are any issues with items left around the bin, damage to the bin, or keys or cell phones dropped in the bin (it happens).  Should you decide you no longer wish to host a bin, we will remove it.

Find Out How Green Fundraising Works for Your Cause

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