Why a World Wear Project Bin?

Above all, World Wear Project bins are attractive.  Each bin is made of heavy-gauge steel and weighs 560 pounds.  The bins are great advertising for our partners and their cause. 

Most members of our community, no matter how well intentioned, don’t want to drive more than 10 minutes out of their way to donate their shoes and clothing.  By providing a location for a shoes and clothing bin on your property you are making recycling available to the members of your community and making their good deed your good deed. 

Recycling in all its forms is good for the local community, the cities, counties and our states.  Your shoppers and visitors will appreciate the ease of access to another way for them to be green.

You Can Count on Us

World Wear Project prides itself on great looking, sturdy clothing collection bins.  We also pride ourselves on our customer service.  We vow to take great care of our bins, and to keep up their appearance in the case of accidents or damage.  Our reputation as well as the reputation of the charity with which we’ve partnered is on the line.  Our aim is to maintain the integrity of both.  We are fully insured and can provide you with a certificate of insurance. 

Likewise, we are devoted to keeping the bit of property you have allowed to host a bin clean and free of possible bin overflow.  Should you have any issues with items dropped at or outside the bin, we will respond the same day.  We’re just one phone call away.  To report a problem with one of our bins, call (214) 352-5551.

We collect many and varied items.

Items We Accept

Items We Do Not Accept


Furniture of any kind




Kitchen appliances


Appliances with cords


Items made of glass







Hard Toys


Stuffed Animals


Pots and Pans


We have routes that are run every week by professional and courteous truck drivers.  Our goal is to visit each one of our bins every three days.  Our drivers will check on and take pictures of each bin to document any damage or vandalism.  They will also be equipped to remove any graffiti that might be left on the bin.  World Wear Project bins have a specially designed chute that will discourage theft.